Hastings & Districts

We have a small team of dedicated staff here at the SPCA Hastings & Districts, including one Inspector. The rest of the work at the shelter is carried out by our wonderful volunteers, who help to look after the animals every day of the year. To learn more about how you can help us through volunteering, click here.

Six decades

For more than six decades, the SPCA in Hastings has been looking after abandoned, mistreated and neglected animals, providing them with food, shelter, warmth and love. We uphold the law regarding the treatment of animals, by investigating complaints of animal cruelty and neglect.

Government legislation

The SPCA is the only non profit organisation that enforces government legislation (the Animal Welfare Act 1999) yet receives no funding do so. It costs almost half a million dollars a year to operate the shelter, and since we receive no government funding, we rely greatly on the generosity of the Hastings and Districts public in order to carry out our important work. There are a number of ways you can support our work, please visit here to learn how you can help.