Re-homing service for owned animals

Sometimes people find themselves in the unfortunate position of being unable to keep their pet. Due to limited space and resources, unfortunately SPCA Hastings & Districts does not usually accept owned animals into our care. As a charity, we do not have sufficient resources to provide a re-homing service for owned animals. Below is some advice to help you find a new home for your pet.

Take great photos

Take some really great photographs of your pet showcasing their personality. Ideally you want to get several great shots showing your pet at its best.

Describe their personality thoroughly and honestly

Start by writing a list of all the really great things about your pet and their personality. Do they like constant companionship? Do they sit with you and follow you around? Do they prefer to be outdoors exploring or hang out with your family inside? Think about their preferences – do they like people? What’s fun about your pet? Are they good with kids? Have they lived with other animals before? Are they more of a one-person quiet home or a busy household kind of pet? This list will help you to write a good description of your pet to help them find the right type of new forever home.

Temporary home

If you need to re-home your pet urgently and can’t find a home yet, consider approaching friends, family, neighbours or co-workers to see if they could provide a temporary home for your pet whilst you find them a home.

  • Get the message out
  • Advertise your pet as widely as possible. There are lots of ways you can do this for free.
  • Create a simple flyer. Include a few great photos and the personality description. Include information about their age, sex and any special requirements. Include your contact details and how to enquire.

Email the flyer to all your friends, family and work colleagues. Ask for their help in finding a new home for your pet. They may know someone else who is looking for a pet. Ask them to send your email on to people they know.
Ask friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours. Maybe they’d like to adopt your pet?

Post your flyer or some great photos and a personality description on Facebook. Try other social media sites too.
Ask your friends to share your post and spread the word. You may need to post several times over a period of time.

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