Our volunteers

Our volunteers are an essential part of life at the shelter. Every day all the animals receive ‘room service’, when their kennels and enclosures are thoroughly cleaned, laundry is done, and the shelter is prepared for the day. We also have volunteers who do valuable work around the shelter, such as lawn mowing and maintenance, and volunteers who help us with collections and fundraising. You can give just a few hours a week to help us. Please read more in our volunteer flyer.

Animal Care Volunteers

Many animals come to us feeling hungry, scared, stressed and sometimes sick. They need especially gentle and quiet handling while they settle in.

We need regular volunteers to help with the daily cleaning, emptying litter boxes and setting out food, bedding and toys for our cats and kittens. Our dog pens also need full cleaning, and to have bedding, toys and food set out. We often have other small animals, such as rabbits and birds, who also need our attention.

Along with cleaning cages and other manual jobs, such as laundry and mopping floors, all of the animals in our care need lots of love and attention. We want all of our foster animals to be happy, and they often crave human interaction. The dogs need to be walked regularly and to be socialized with people, and each other. Cats will always welcome a cuddle.

Non Animal Care Volunteers

We often need help with odd jobs around the shelter, such as maintenance and one off projects. Some of the areas we could always use help with are:

  1. Gardening
  2. Electrical 
  3. Builders 
  4. Joiners Cleaners 
  5. Bricklayers 
  6. Painters/Decorators 
  7. Printers

Everyone’s welcome! If you have an area of expertise you’d like to offer, we’d love to hear from you!

Fundraising Volunteers

We need volunteers to help us with our fund raising events either collecting in our national appeal or helping with individual events such as baking cup cakes for our cup cake day in August, providing raffle prizes or manning our stall at key events. If you’d like to help with collections, please contact Amy here.

Perhaps you’re interested in organizing your own event in order to fundraise for the SPCA, maybe something as simple as a sausage sizzle – if so please read more here and be sure to let us know in advance of your plans.

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