National SPCA scene

There are some important changes happening on the National SPCA scene this year. After much research both here and overseas, the National Board have found that what we do and we do it cannot be sustained long term, as demands on shelters increase, and local fundraising becomes more challenging. The proposal is a merge of all Centres into one ‘National SPCA’. In short, SPCA Hastings & Districts in its current legal form would no longer exist, and our Shelter Manager would be making governance decisions locally, following the protocols and procedures of the national SPCA body. With our forces combined, and a louder voice, fundraising should be easier, along with the ability to attract national sponsorship agreements and an increase in buying power.

Lobbying Government

More importantly, having one united voice of the SPCA will make the organisation more audible, for example, when lobbying Government. We believe that these changes are positive ones.

At our recent AGM, our membership voted to support this proposal, and the National AGM which will kick-start the process is being held on 17th June. Soon after we shall hold a Branch SGM (on 21st June) to further ratify the changes needed. If you are a member, you will have received more information. It’s important that you attend the SGM, so that you can learn more about these significant changes, and that your opinion can be heard.

Local Supporters Group

Once these changes take place, there will be a strong need for members who are interested in supporting the new structure through a ‘Local Supporters Group’. Whilst this group will no longer have a governance role, it will have official recognition with the new SPCA format and will have official channels to ensure that the local SPCA is meeting the needs of the community. They shall also be working closely with the Shelter Manager to organise community and fundraising events, which will still be vitally important. We are calling now for support for the Local Supporters Group from within the membership. Please contact the Shelter if this sounds like something you could help with.

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